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AutoCAD - 3D Tools

File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> 3D Tools
Size: 60k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 3992
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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WiseCOIL automates the creation of coil or spring like 3D objects.
It is also good to create 3D objects like telephone cables, laboratory
tubings, tunnels, toys, slides, rope, candy and decorative ornaments etc.

Features :

1. Dialog box interface with error-trapping for parameter inputs.

2. Full control on all parameters : diameters, no. of
turns, length etc.

3. Option to control segments to approximate the circle.

4. Option to make it open ends (looks like pipe or tube) or
closed ends (looks like solid)

5. Easier parameter controls, more accurate in dimension and easier
to create than lofting in 3D Studio.

6. Ready to be rendered or exported to 3D Studio.

7. Version 1.1 added taper feature by varying top and bottom diameters.
It has open a wide door to make a lot of variety by a combination of

8. Version 1.2 added dilation feature by setting the dilation factor.
It adds life to the 3D coil. Dilation allows the coil gradually
expands to the degree you set. (Imagine a spring hanging with a
heavy object.)

9. Version 2.0 new features :
3D solid coil for R13.
Routines to create 2D spiral and 3D helix paths as tools for
you to create many more different spiral or helix-type objects.

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