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AutoCAD - Block and Xref Tools

Program Title: Block Explorer for AutoCAD 2000-2010
File Name: BeSetup.EXE
Category: AutoCAD General -> Block and Xref Tools
Size: 4MB
Date: 22-May-2011
Downloads: 204
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Block Explorer ™ for AutoCAD® 2000 - 2010 provides intuitive Windows interface to access set of advanced features that boost user ability to catalog, access, manipulate, modify and administer AutoCAD blocks.

1. Symbol Cataloging
Classify blocks by logical groups - Library Folders. Library folders could be arranged into tree-like structures.

- Block Collector
Import Dwg files or blocks from currently open drawing into selected library folder with automatic slide generation

- Pick Block
to collect selected block from currently open drawing into library with automatic slide generation

2. Advanced Manipulation
Block Explorer offers unique ability to Adjust and Replace blocks

- Adjust Blocks
X-flip, Y-flip, Rotate, Rotate90, Move, Explode, Scale, Attedit, Match, Delete, Undo or Change Properties of selected block references

- Replace instances of one Block with another

- Trim Shapes
Cataloged Blocks may be associated with one of three shapes, that allow a Block Insert to trim AutoCAD simple entities like: LINE, POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE, CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE. Don't use that Break command to break lines around your Blocks - define Trim Shape for that block and click Shape Trim button to trim around any number of selected blocks at once!

- Transformers
Associate a block with unlimited combinations of insert parameters (Scale, Rotation, Attributes). You can select that combination when block is inserted instantaneously transforming it to desired form

3. Library Resources
Library Exchange - provides extensive collection of Block Explorer ready libraries.

Registered users can market their own libraries through Library Exchange

4. Administration

- Standards - support Departmental Drawing Standards by associating cataloged blocks with Insert Properties (Insertion Layer, Color, Linetype)
Configure a standard for each client and assign this standard to client drawings.
When a block is inserted, Block Explorer will use standard associated with current drawing to automatically place it on correct Layer with appropriate Color and Linetype

- User Access - assign read, write or administration rights to Block Explorer users accessing libraries through network

- Reporter - print out contents of your libraries

- Block File Version Converter - convert block files to any AutoCAD version to support clients using AutoCAD R14 through 2010.

5. Instantaneous Access

- Screen Pick - start using a block by "Picking" it from the drawing

- History - Block Explorer automatically saves references of used library blocks into drawing history. User can view and insert blocks from another drawing history

- Favorites - user can add any library folder to his Favorites. Selecting Favorites tab will display all favorite folders

- Search by typing block’s name, description or search pattern

6. Modify
Modify Block Definitions without exploding them. Change block appearance by redefining component properties and insertion point.

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