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File Name:
Category: AutoCAD Mechanical -> Hardware
Size: 50k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 411
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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LTHook97 is a keyboard macro player for AutoCADLT 97 in Windows 95 or
Windows NT. With LTHook97 you can program your keyboard to play any
AutoCADLT 97 command or sequence of commands just as if you had typed them in at
the command prompt yourself.

LTHook97 monitors all keyboard input to both the AutoCADLT 97 graphics window
and the AutoCADLT 97 text window. LTHook97 ignores all other windows and
programs including AutoCADLT 97 dialog boxes. If more than one copy of AutoCADLT
97 is open, LTHook97 will work with each copy independently. LTHook97
does not work with previous versions of AutoCADLT or with AutoCAD.

When LTHook97 finds a key combination that has an assigned macro, it
traps the key combination and makes AutoCADLT 97 think that the macro has been
typed instead.

LTHook97 is a Windows 95/NT application. It is not an Autolisp, ADS or
ARX program. It must be running (either windowed or minimized to the tray)
for the macros to be recognized by AutoCADLT 97. Your queue that LTHook97 is
running will be the addition of the text *Hooked* to the AutoCADLT 97 title bar.

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