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AutoCAD - Mechanical Desktop
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Kenesto: 30 day trial

File Name: mdt30a.exe
Category: AutoCAD Mechanical -> Mechanical Desktop
Size: 2305k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1439
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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This installation program will update Mechanical Desktop 3 to Mechanical Desktop(MDT) 3.0a. Issues
addressed in MDT 3.0a are as follows:

Balloons would not migrate.

Parts List were not showing in their proper position after migration.

Parts List's color and layer were not maintained during migration.

Hidden entries in the Parts List became visible after migration.

Some Mechanical Desktop 2.0 files would crash during BOM migration.

Some files would crash on OPEN after Mechanical Desktop 2.0 BOM migration.

Updated the Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, and IGES help files.

Restored the AutoCAD Mechanical Welcome Wizard.

Projecting an ellipse onto a surface would fail (regression).

Scenes with invalid names (due to stricter naming in Desktop 3) could not be renamed.

Editing a detail view whose parent view had been erased would crash.

The paper space UCS was being changed during OPEN of files that were saved in Drawing
Mode when there was no current active part.

After creating a drawing view from a group, copying a member of the group would crash.

Attempting to create a work plane tangent to two intersecting cylinders would crash.

AMUPDATEALL would crash on some Mechanical Desktop 2.0 files.

Editing Scenes using a specific combination of toolbar selections and right mouse clicks in the
Browser Would crash

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