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Program Title: optimize linear cutter 2.1
File Name:
Category: Utilities -> Calculation
Size: 558.31KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 499
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Optimize Linear Cutter is a powerful, quick, compact, easy to use and universal tool for those users, who need to optimize cutting of any linear material, say metal rebar. The program solves so called "One-dimensional Bin Packing problem" - optimizes the distribution of any number of pieces, having mostly different lengths, amongst a number of larger uniform or different stock lengths in order to minimize the material waste, or, as a version, - associated material cost . Optimizer objective, as well as some other optimizer settings, such as saw blade width (gaps between pieces). Actually, term "Stock Material Length" may be associated with real Length of, say,stock bars profile steel PVC pipe tube wood board beam wire cornier iron strip fence timber channel rod column reinforced concrete , or with real total Width of stock roll , which have to be cut into different more narrow rolls (1D cutting cases), as well as with the container to load Weight (1D packing case), or any other measure of limited capacity. Typically optimizer reduces stock material waste by a factor of 5 - 15 (from about 10% to about 1% ) with respect to manual cut planning. Program run time is 1...100 seconds on a Pentium-166 PC, depending on the number of items involved. Any case it saves time and reduces a level of experience required for cut planning significantly. The most important , save your money .

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