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AutoCAD - 3D Tools

Program Title: SuperArray2002
File Name: superarray2002setup.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> 3D Tools
Size: 541.6KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 447
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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While in the time of AutoCAD R14.0, there is no dialog on AutoCAD native command ARRAY and 3DARRAY. The first time that a program contain dialog for ARRAY is a freeware downloaded from internet (address unknown now) named as DDARRAY. The dialog of DDARRAY is a very simple one. So there comes an idea to design a new dialog and program for ARRAY command.

While the programming KozMos's own ARRAY, the 3DARRAY options come to be added into the application which named as SuperArray2000.

By supporting 3DARRAY options in SuperArray2000, SuperArray2000 can run a 3D-spiral mode array (Polar mode in 3D) which can NOT be supported by AutoCAD. This comes to be the first advantage feature of SuperArray2000 beyond AutoCAD native ARRAY and 3DARRAY.

SuperArray2000 enable users to enter the distance (Delta or Total) by pick from graphic screen to help users in entering the distance strings.

In AutoCAD 200x, AutoCAD has its own dialog box for ARRAY command, but still there is NO dialog for 3DARRAY command. So SuperArray2000 is still on running for the replacement of these two AutoCAD native commands. SuperArray2000 was upgraded into SuperArray2001 to support AutoCAD 200x and new features was added also: "Preview the Array Result".

By simulating the preview of AutoCAD BHATCH command, SuperArray2001 can support a similar preview before you make sure about the setting in the dialog.

In this latest version of SuperArray2002, firstly the version is upgraded to SuperArray2002, also another feature is added to SuperArray2002: Make Hide/Shade/Render before Preview (Only valid in 3D mode Array). For the render in AutoCAD R14.0 often causes AutoCAD crashed, the render option in AutoCAD R14.0 is disabled.

Now the most latest version of SuperArray2002 has had another feature: SuperArray2002 can make management for the "SuperArray2002 Marked Block" (by converting all arrayed objects into block via SuperArray2002). That means if you choose to convert the arrayed objects into block, SuperArray2002 will automatically mark this block as a valid "SuperArray2002 Marked Block". By doing so, SuperArray2002 can give users a feature to modify the parameters of certain picked "SuperArray2002 Marked Block".
To enable the management of "SuperArray2002 Marked Block", SuperArray2002 disabled "select objects" before dialog appear. So you MUST select the object via dialog button. And another thing that you MUST know: If you want to use the "SuperArray2002 Marked Block", you can NOT convert the objects into unnamed block!

There are two commands defined in SuperArray2002:

SARRY: The main command

SAMB: The command to check the info of picked "SuperArray2002 Marked Block"

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