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Title Rating Downloads Size 15036231k
ShapeBook 1.0 is a quick reference tool for professionals and students who need access to ....more 1499127k
Highly detailed port side view with u/c extended. Plotting details included as ReadMeAt0 ....more
TYPICAL.ZIP 2940232k
Millwork sections (Typical\'s) for AutoCAD LT Millwork details for Architect\'s ....more
TimeTech 1.0 6431670k
TimeTech is a powerful new utility designed to automate tedious timekeeping for AutoCAD t ....more 2401275k
Detailed 2D drawing of a Toyota 4x4 pickup. ....more
VPTS New Versions for R14 and R2000 173918k
Automated Viewporting for AutoCAD 14 and 2000. You will automatically be placed in MODEL S ....more
Watson6.0 DEMO by 26869.65KB
Watson6.0 by is an artifical intelligence referencing agent for AutoCAD. ....more
Auto Opening - Window Generator v2000+