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Title Rating Downloads Size
MenuGEO 3633.6MB
A menu with modules, helping your work with AutoCAD. Menu Geo by Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhii ....more
MenuGEO.6.2 Eng 3754.41MB
MenuGEO v6.2 by Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov includes modules for: lines (vectors), curve ....more 471260k
Merge_text Arx for R14 - This program allows the user to merge two selected strings of te ....more 2086k
Revised for R14 - mgetfiled' is an AutoLISP subroutine with a dialog box interface which ....more
MinBBox 1.0 181495.12KB
MinBBox is a tool developed to find the tightest possible bounding box which encloses a So ....more